Stakeholder Expectations Examples in Strategic Management

The Concept Stakeholder Expectations Examples STATES that each stakeholder or stakeholder group has different expectations from a company. They expect to benefit from their association with the company and the benefits they expect are different.


According to ‘Traditional View of Corporate Governancethese are:

  • Shareholders;
  • Directors;
  • Senior Managers;
  • Employee(s);
  • Customers;
  • Suppliers;
  • Communities; AND
  • The General Public and Government.
Stakeholder Expectations Examples

Stakeholder Expectations Examples – Explained

1. Shareholders(a) Share Price Growth
(b) Stable Dividends
(c) Return on Investments (ROI)
(d) Possibly Also an Expectation of being Consulted by the Board (BOD) on Major Issues
2. Directors(a) Personal Advancement – Remuneration, Status
3. Senior Managers(a) Personal Advancement – Remuneration, Status
(b) Possibly a Belief that they Should have the Power to Make Key Strategic Decisions
4. Employees(a) Fair Pay
(b) Job Security
(c) Career Progress
(d) Good Working Conditions
5. Customers(a) Quality Goods or Services
6. Suppliers(a) Good Business Relationship
(b) Achieving Improvements in the Value Network
7. Communities(a) Employment
(b) Economic Prosperity
8. The General Public and Government(a) Concern for the Environment (Via Reduction in Pollution)
(b) Environment-Friendly Ways of Operating

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